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Garden coaching & Workshops

Garden Coaching

Sometimes the job of pruning back a large mature shrub or coming up with new planting ideas for certain tough areas can seem a daunting task if you are unsure or lack the horticultural knowledge.

If you’re a novice gardener or have recently taken over a new garden and are feeling a little overwhelmed, then garden coaching is a great way to learn on a one-to-one basis, with a little hand-holding.

I can give garden coaching on items such as how to start a vegetable garden, how to get an existing garden into shape, as well as give ideas on new planting to enhance what you already have, working along side you and with you to help increase your confidence.

I can make suggestions for items such as:

  • laying out new borders and beds

  • how to increase wildlife in your garden

  • renovation of overgrown areas

  • pruning - when and how

  • how to make a veg patch

  • planting for scent, colour, structure, drought and year round interest.

This is an hourly service and my rates start at £40 an hour within the Bristol area. I generally recommend at least 2 hours for a proper session. I am happy to give follow up guidance by email if required.


Design Consultation

If you feel your garden doesn’t warrant a full design service but would like some design input I offer a consultation service whereby I come and evaluate your garden and talk over your needs for the garden. I then come back with a written-up consultation outlining projects and design ideas and with suggestions of how to achieve the look you want but without creating a complete master plan.

This service is perfect if you just want to look at designing a certain area of the garden but feel you lack the time, confidence or design skills to do it.

I can advise on:

  • hard landscaping elements - terraces, decks, access in and around the garden

  • structures such as pergolas, garden buildings, arbors, bins stores etc

  • Siting of new beds and borders

  • Materials - paving, gravels, etc

  • Front gardens

  • New planting schemes

This service is charged at an inclusive fee of £150 to include a site visit, a thorough investigation of your requirements on site, with a comprehensive design report given back. If you then want to convert this into a full design this amount can be taken off the design fee going forward.


From Spring 2020 I will be offering 3 hour workshops on the following:

  1. Shade tolerant planting

  2. Drought tolerant planting

  3. How to create a beautiful herbaceous border

These work shops will empower you to go home and apply your new-found knowledge on your own patch!

If you are interested in any of the above please contact me for further information.

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